Hello world!

Almost 8 Billion of us on the Planet we call Gaia or Earth at this moment…some new ones coming, some leaving…Many of us think we have a handle on what life is…others would disagree, particularly if they disagree with what we think we know…and in a great sense it doesn’t matter…what we all know, at least for ourself is that we exist…we are here…wherever “here” is. After that, it can get a little or a lot confusing as to what the truth is…but what we believe that truth is… forms the basis for our intellectual/psychological position on the issues that make up the world in which we live. (I could use the term “but what we “know” that truth is…but few can prove what they “know”, so “believe” seems to be a more accurate term). To Blog is to attempt to communicate with the other 8 billion or so parts of the “oneness” that is our existence…as the mind might try to communicate with the various cells of the body…or even it’s local “self” as in the sense of “self talk”… Look for your 11:11 prompts…

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